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Commands And Techniques On PC Installation And Operation Using Linux

Written by: Cresencio Daffon Jr. | 10 Mar, 2011 20:52:13
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Compared to other systems used in businesses all over, using Linux operating system would be a little complex and the user need to give his full attention and focus to details to guarantee that the system would be effectively managed that would only be obtained from taking an important training to learn the fundamentals of the operating system under Linux.

Choosing Linux as the operating system would mean that you will have stable and powerful OS comparable to those that exist in the market. The truth of the matter is that operating systems under Linux will not be as costly as the operating systems under Windows. Like the widely used operating system, Linux OS comes with similar programs and software like those that are offered by Microsoft Corporation. You will feel the convenience and experience the benefits after you acquaint yourself using the Linux operating system.

At this point, we are now going to discuss the commands and tips that will be beneficial for users of Linux operating system.

The one that is basically and widely used is the copy of distribution for Linux operating system which is available on the Internet. There are Linux applications that are offered by various sites which mainly concerns on more than multi-media and likewise it focuses on security. You may start downloading as soon as you already have the version of your choice.

You may begin file burning into a disc that lets you have the icon which is bootable once you completed the downloading process. If for any reason you want to check on the system before doing its installation into your hard drive, the process that was mentioned would be advisable. You may use a Universal Serial Bus or a Digital Versatile Disc if you have extremely large files.

You may wait for the screen for logging in and the command line after booting from a Compact Disc. Take note that the first line of command to be done under Linux operating system is the Print Working Directory command that would give you instructions of the right directory to use.

Now, to provide the information regarding the machine you are using is to do the next instruction by typing Uname a in which the a symbolizes the controlling switch for command results.

At this point, you may type the command use in troubleshooting that is the message use for booting up dmesg which is an extremely important command that allows the user to review messages used previously.

There are more things that you can learn about the Linux operating system if you are to be trained virtually or you can also learn the entire process using the conventional method of teaching with live instructors through Linux Training Philippines.

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