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Connecting Techniques On Windows Shared Folders The Linux Way

Written by: Cresencio Daffon Jr. | 15 Mar, 2011 00:06:50
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In our daily online activities, most of the time we are not aware that we do file server connection. Without using a separate program, it will be easier to do ftp or samba connection in Linux operating system. On this article we are going to discuss techniques how you can do terminal-less remote file server connection.

When you like to use shortcuts of the keyboard for server connection, the window for the run application should be opened using the shortcut Alt then F2 from the keyboard. At the beginning of the command, you may add the protocol to specify the type of your server. You may choose the time duration for storing your password after filling-out the next popup window intended for connection purposes. You should have desktop shortcut and shortcut on the left side portion as you connect to an automatically opened window.

On the other hand, from your top menu bar you will have places menu if you are using distributions based on gnomes and Ubuntu Linux. You may click connect to server after opening the menu. You can choose the type of the server you want to connect to upon opening of a new window with a drop down menu. You may also choose Windows share and fill-out information required for a server with samba/cifs. Otherwise, from the menu of Nautilus file, you can connect to server window if you want to.

Now, you may click add to panel after right-clicking the menu where you like to add the shortcut if you are looking to have an instant access to the connect server window from the gnome menu bar. One of the results should be to connect to server after finding for the word connect from the popup window. At the bottom of the window you may click add after shortcut highlighting. For an easy access on your gnome bar, there must be an additional shortcut.

You will learn more and more techniques as you go your way in studying a lot of areas concerning Windows shared folders connecting to Linux. Most probably, you are a bit surprised on how these things become possible because before connecting two different operating systems such as Windows and Linux is quite hard to materialize. But now with the advancement of computer Information Technology, these processes become a reality.


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