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Simple Backup Technique For Your Personal Computer Using Linux Operating System

Written by: Cresencio Daffon Jr. | 13 Mar, 2011 22:24:32
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Every personal computer user should have information backups on a regular basis whether they are using Linux, Operating System X, or Windows. But of course, on this article we are going to focus on using Simple Backup for Linux operating system on doing automated backups. Now, to be sure that you have a backup of all the files that are important, you will be instructed on the process of setting up Simple Backup.

The first thing we are going to discuss is about Simple Backup installation. You may click on the center of software after you open your menu for the installation of Simple Backup. From the results found, you may do the installation of the software after searching for the Simple Backup program.

Next thing we are going to tackle is regarding the technique on how to perform Simple Backup configuration. For a separate hard drive, you must have a backup for /var/ which is a recommended setup for Simple Backup. On the other hand, for users of desktops and notebooks this would not always be the case that is why you have to do setup change if necessary after choosing the setup for custom backup. You may add directories or files you like to backup after clicking on the include tab. Take note that even if your user doesn’t have access to any directory, the back up program is running like a root directory. You can also notice that file types or directories settings based on file size is what consists the next tab.

You may just have to do settings adjustment for your music and videos to include them in the backups if you still don’t have a backup. Generally speaking, Simple Backup is not able to do media files backup by default, and for you to store all media files together be sure to have enough space on your backup hard drive.

Another thing for you to keep in mind is that by default anything larger than 95 megabytes is not accepted by Simple Backup, so it will be advisable for you to modify the maximum size setup. The system allows you to choose your remote directory, hard drive, or destination folder through destination tab. Other functions and features uses will be practically learned when you’re using the actual program itself.

The concluding process you need to perform is backup restoration. You may choose files and backup location you like to restore from the list after opening the Restore function of Simple Backup.

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