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Macbuntu: Macintosh Operating System X Format Applied to Ubuntu Linux

Written by: Cresencio Daffon Jr. | 05 Apr, 2011 23:52:12
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In the previous articles youíve read, maybe itís not new to your knowledge that you can transform to look like Windows 7 your Ubuntu Linux installation which is customized. On this article you will be learning to transform the aura of your Ubuntu Linux into Macintosh Operating System X-like features. For it to be done, we are going to use a designated program that is open-source for the transformation of Linux appearance into the environment which looks like Macintosh Operating System X, this is called Macbuntu that is primarily intended for Ubuntu Linux Operating System as well as other GTK/Debian based operating systems.

Now, for Macbuntu installation you can download a copy from its source link that can be search on the net and as soon as it is done, you may press Extract after the file is right-clicked. You may open the folder that is extracted when extraction is done and from that point you can find file name which is the script for installing the program. You may choose Run in Terminal after double-clicking the installation script.

You may hit return key after pressing y as you see the popup of a terminal window. From there, you need to answer few questions that mark the start of the installation after all the process is done. Now, to choose the default choice you may just hit enter without using any letter if for any reason you have an idea of what to do or you may choose the answer you like to put in. You may select Yes when you are asked if you need some packages be downloaded online during the installation process.

s you finish the installation, you will be prompted to download the themes of Mac operating system for Google Chrome, FIreFox, and Thunderbird. You may also choose Yes and the window of the browser will open leading you to the right location to do your downloading. At this point, the Mac features and theme should be applied to your Ubuntu Linux as the links for theme is given. You have to select Yes as the system asks you to restart; afterwards you will see that the Mac Operating System X theme will be applied on your Ubuntu Linux.

There will be a big difference on the make up of your entire system that you can see on your mouse pointer, screen for logging-in, bottom dock, desktop, icons, and panels.

Now, you can enjoy the Mac Operating system on your Ubuntu Linux computer.

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