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The Use of Linux Ubuntu PC to Access Home Server for Windows

Written by: Cresencio Daffon Jr. | 05 Apr, 2011 14:44:00
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Letís admit it that there comes a time that you need to access the home server of Windows on your network using a Linux Ubuntu personal computer, right? Now, we are going to discuss on how to use Linux Ubuntu PC to access files on your Windows home server.

To begin with, the Network should be selected after clicking on Places for accessing files on your Windows home server from Ubuntu Linux and from that point on the folder of your Network and other machines of Windows should appear as listed on your home server and for you to access it the server needs to be double-clicked. On the other hand if you cannot find the list of your server, the Workgroup or Network for Windows are the places where you can find it.

Like when you use a Windows personal computer, Linux Ubuntu system will prompt you to enter the Windows Home Server right credentials. You may click on Connect after selection is made as it is your own prerogative to choose to recall or not your preferred password. On your Windows home server, you should be able to view the folders that are available. For you to have the general access, you need to use the credentials of an Administrator to sign in. You should see on the server the documents intended for Microsoft Office as you double-click on the folder and share the content you want to access from or just do folder viewing of several folders for music under Moving Picture Experts Group Layer-3 Audio files or MP3 in which you can play using Ubuntu Linux.

There should be an application for Linux to do file type handling where the server can be used to directly access the file. In OpenOffice, you can also open a document under Word files. Likewise, you can use the Totem Movie Player from a Windows server for playing movie file under Matroska Multimedia Container file or MKV and from using the same server, files can easily be found.

You just need to drag to the right folder of Windows home server your files under Ubuntu Linux to store it. This would be the best process to apply if you are using a personal computer that is operated by Ubuntu Linux on your home network and the Windows home server is the one used for file accessing. For using Windows files, you need to find the software thatís appropriate and matches its size and memory requirements, but using an advance version will make your work even better and easier.

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