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Widget-less Viewing Of Android Phones Battery Level

Written by: Cresencio Daffon Jr. | 05 Apr, 2011 13:31:17
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For you to show on your screen all means of information, you can install large widgets collection that is one of Android phones’ great features. On the other hand, you can just wonder what will it be if a widget is absent or not used. In this article, you will learn how exact level of the battery will be viewed minus the widget that eats up your memory so you have to get rid of it, correct? For prolonging the battery life of your Android phone, it is the best thing to put the widgets away because it only consumes a lot of your computer memory and it also requires more cycles of the Central Processing Unit.

You may browse down the Status of your phone as you open the application of the Settings for checking the levels of the battery with the software that is built-in. On the small icon, sometimes it is hard to determine your battery life concisely.

For you to save a bit of your time, you can create direct shortcut on the status page of your battery if you are using the replacement home screen of the free and the best Launcher Pro. You may select Activities after Shortcuts as you long press on the desktop. You may want to have the Status around and a smaller text under it is upon expansion of Settings as you chose it for showing other items group. For just a press of the button, you can have the status page of the battery as soon as OK is clicked when you come across the icon and the name is prompted.

As the application is launched and in the background there’s nothing that runs, the status is shown while the application status of other free battery is doing nothing if you are in to a push solution that is using only one button when Launcher Pro is not in use.

You may do online search for Battery if you like to have various applications example that may take a second or two for showing the correct indicator of battery that functions well. A shortcut can be made after you switch to Launcher Pro or you can just search on the available resources on the internet.

It is not necessary to use a task manager for task elimination that you will learn by and by as you learn using the features of Android which is built-in.

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